Launch a loyalty program to encourage on-campus interactions.

Are you looking for ways to increase student engagement on campus?

A student loyalty program is a great way to drive desired behavior. Want to increase participation at your athletic events? Reward students for attending. Want to reduce long lunch lines? Offer incentives for placing online orders.

  • Increase student participation by offering incentives and rewards for engaging with campus services.
  • Improve student satisfaction by rewarding them for their efforts.
  • Increase classroom attendance with attendance-based rewards.
  • Improve student wellness with incentives for checking in at the gym, making healthy food choices, or getting physical check-ups.
  • Gain insight into what motivates students most at your school.

Launching a rewards program at your school is easy with GET Rewards. Provide incentives through your CBORD campus card system, such as discounts, deposits, or redeemable rewards for promotional items.

Students love getting free stuff. Your university wants to increase retail purchases and boost event attendance. So why not reward students for using their campus card?

View a recording of our webinar to find out how CBORD can help you drive student engagement on your campus.

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