Modernize Your Patient Meal Ordering Experience

As you know, CBORD’s first-generation room service software is nearing the end of maintenance. While we will continue to support these systems, we won’t be making any enhancements or bug fixes. Your patient nutrition services are too important to risk on outdated software, so we encourage you to move to Room Service Choice to keep your operation running smoothly.

Use the latest web-based technology and modern features you need in today’s dynamic patient nutrition operation. Here are just a few examples of efficiencies gained:

  • Innovative drag-and-drop screen layouts
  • Intuitive button groupings and color assignment for build-your-own concepts (burger, pizza, salad, etc.)
  • Smart tools for adding menu items quickly through abbreviations, search, and filter options
  • Improved safety and satisfaction with on-screen filters and alerts that identify patients who’ve missed 2 or 3 meals, even across dates. No need to print reports.

When you move to Room Service Choice, you also gain the ability to implement our companion applications. One is our CBORD Patient app, which allows patients to use a mobile device to order meals from menus that are personalized for their diet order and allergies.

CBORD Patient gives you an additional method of taking patient meal selections that frees up your call center and bedside assistance resources, and it provides a way to limit personal interactions.

Special Promotion
We're running a special promotion through the end of the year exclusively for our first-generation room service customers that migrate to Room Service Choice and add CBORD Patient.

Start gaining the benefits of the latest technology from CBORD. Complete the form to learn more and find out about the special pricing available to you.

Product Announcement
Customers using NSS Diet Office Room Service will not be able to upgrade past version 20.5 of NSS without migrating to Room Service Choice. We recommend upgrading to the current version of NSS and migrating to a current version of our web-based Room Service Choice solution before maintenance expires.

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