Floor Stock Management Made Easy

In a busy hospital setting, managing floor stock often presents unique challenges. With inconsistent, manual processes, you run the risk of having food loss and waste, disruptions in patient care, and inefficiencies in workflows.


With CBORD’s cloud-based Floor Stock Management solution, you have the right tools to help you improve workflows and ensure the right items are always in stock for your nursing unit pantries.


It can operate as a standalone solution or as an add-on module of NetMenu. Watch our 3-minute video to find out more.


Simplify Replenishment with Mobile App 

Let your nursing staff direct order their floor stock and enable your foodservice staff to easily record the quantities stocked—all from any mobile device.

Control Floor Stock Items

Identify the products available for ordering and establish limits on order quantities to minimize food waste. You also have the flexibility to establish par levels where items are stocked without requiring a nursing direct order.


Allocate Costs

When managing floor stock, you also have cost allocation to manage or your central budget will end up absorbing all the costs for your various units. CBORD’s Floor Stock Management automatically allocates costs to the proper departments or units, saving you time and improving transparency and accountability. 


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