Overcome labor shortages while delivering faster, more accurate orders with self-serve kiosks.

CBORD partners with NEXTEP Systems to offer innovative ordering solutions for campus dining facilities. Self-order kiosks provide a socially safe, intuitive experience for customers. Your dining operation will realize significant advantages with self-service ordering kiosks, including revenue growth opportunities, lower staffing costs, and improved efficiency. 

  • Complete orders faster
  • Increase order accuracy 
  • Grow revenue through upselling opportunities
  • Streamline front-of-house operations

Provide your customers with an appealing ordering experience and improve order efficiency.

The health and safety of guests and employees have never been more critical. Self-service order and pay kiosks are taking a large role in helping campuses offer a satisfying ordering experience while optimizing labor and improving speed of service. 

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn about the latest self-order technologies, including contactless kiosks and UV light to reduce pathogens. In addition, you’ll hear the latest findings in cost savings and guest satisfaction as kiosk usage accelerates on higher education campuses.



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