Secure Mobile Credentials Offer Students Greater Flexibility

CBORD’s mobile credential support for campus ID cards offers a more convenient way for students to access the services they use every day.

The contactless technology allows cardholders to navigate your campus with ease. They can make purchases, use a meal plan, check in to class, and more all from their iPhone, Apple Watch, or Android phone.

Mobile campus credentials can be used anywhere a plastic ID card is used both on and off campus.

Students can:

  • Make purchases
  • Open doors
  • Use a meal plan
  • Attend events
  • And more!

Expand the contactless experience for your students

Payments and access using mobile credentials are completely touch-free, minimizing the spread of germs and offering cardholders an easier, more convenient way to move through campus. 

See how students are using mobile credentials on campus

Campuses also have more flexibility when issuing digital ID cards. Utilize flexible APIs to provision mobile credentials through your university’s own mobile app or use CBORD’s GET app. You can also issue, revoke, and reactivate credentials instantly and remotely through your campus card office.

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Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Vanderbilt University launched Apple and Android mobile credentials.

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