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The best reason to invest in technology for nutrition service and food production is to prevent errors, reduce risk, and improve the safety of your patient meals. Patient engagement has a powerful impact on wellness and readmission rates, so technology that reduces paperwork and repetitive tasks allows more time to focus patients on their own wellness.

When you empower patients by providing meal choices and educate them about the foods to support their own recovery, satisfaction increases for patients and employees alike. Whether your hospital food service operates a traditional tray line or offers patient room service, a technology solution helps ensure safety, reduce waste and costs, improve food consumption, and increase overall satisfaction scores.

Patient satisfaction scores are directly related to choice and engagement.

A recent study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (see video, right) confirms what dietitians already suspected: hospital room service improves patient intake. Room Service Choice®, a web-based mobile meal ordering application accessible from any web browser, was integral to the research conducted for the study. Self-service meal ordering can also be integrated into a hospital's in-room entertainment with Concero®.

Mobile Intake®, also key to the room service study, helps record nutritional intake using a tablet when trays are collected. Get real-time reporting on exactly which foods are consumed, and how much is wasted. By effectively monitoring and targeting patients at risk for malnutrition, hospitals can improve nutrient intake, decrease length of stay and re-admittance rates, and impact reimbursements.

Patient satisfaction scores increased from 30% to 70% in the first three months of offering the service, and remain consistently between 80% and 85%. The hospital is saving an average of $2 per patient per day due to lower levels of wasted food.
—Bernice Wolf, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario

Sally McCray, Director of Nutrition and Dietetics at Mater Group Brisbane, shares her excitement at the publication of the room service study she co-authored.

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