CBORD Patient

CBORD Patient is the Future of Patient Meal Ordering

The CBORD® PatientTM app enables self-service meal ordering using a patient's own device—or any hospital-approved mobile device. It connects directly to CBORD food and nutrition systems, so there’s no extra data to enter, and diet order safety is built-in. The app helps patients understand their nutritional goals, and how food choices impact their own wellness. It also helps reduce call center volume and labor-intensive bedside assistance.

Menu offerings directed to patients’ personal diet goals

Track the progress of orders from kitchen to delivery

Order guest meals at the same time

Supports a traditional tray line or on-demand room service

Boost Satisfaction

Patients will rate the flavor of food and quality of care higher

Offer only choices appropriate for their diet and food allergies

Works on any hospital-approved Android or iOS mobile device

Impact Outcomes

Time-of-service ordering improves intake

Menu offerings include customized nutrition goals

Patients learn how their choices impact their wellness

Increase Productivity

Reduce call center volume and bedside assistance

Supports traditional tray line or room service delivery

Reference past orders for family inquiries or intake analysis

Ask Stakeholders

What else could employees accomplish if their workload was reduced?

How would self-service meal ordering improve the patient experience?

What impact would this have on a hospital's HCAHPS score?

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CBORD Patient Webinar

Watch our webinar with Clare Hicks, RD, to discover how interactive tools like the Patient app promote dietitians’ goal of engaging patients to become active participants in their nutrition care.